Magic: Arena just launched the Crimson Vow set, here's a new free pack code



Want another Magic: Arena free pack? Well, the new set is here! And like clockwork, another “play” code is ready to be plugged in.

This one is “PLAYVOW,” which unlocks three free Crimson Vow packs. If you’re playing Magic: Arena on a PC, you can input the code directly on the store. If you’re playing on mobile, you need to annoyingly enter it on the official Arena site after logging in. Of course, there’s a lot more to come beyond this Magic: Arena free pack offer, as Magic doesn’t stop.

As a recap, we just came out of the other half of the 2021 Innistrad set (read: spooky), Midnight Hunt. Considering it arrived on September 16, some people may not have even taken in all of Midnight Hunt, but Crimson Vow is here all the same. It’ll be the king of the castle until January 2022, at which point the cyberpunk Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set will be the new hotness.

After that comes Streets of New Capenna, then Dominaria: United, and The Brother’s War. Those sets will last through November 2022 and by then, we’ll have a new standard rotation, with Zendikar, Kaldheim, Strixhaven, and Forgotten Realms cycling out. It should be a pretty interesting rotation, especially after people figure out all of the Innistrad ins and outs. After all, we’re stuck with the two Innistrad sets until the end of 2023, barring any potential card bans (which we haven’t had yet for standard at the time of publication).