Magic: The Gathering Arena is joining the Epic Games Store this winter


‘Cheer for the Epic Games Store’

Although it’s been charging for all sorts of microtransactions for months (season passes, card packs, sleeves, and other cosmetics), Magic: The Gathering Arena is still in “beta” form.

Rumors have been flying around as to when it would actually release in full, but thanks to a new announcement from Gamescom today, we do have some kernel of an idea. During the Opening Night Live presentation, it was revealed that Arena would be coming to the Epic Games Store “this winter,” amid tepid cheers.

Note that right now the launcher is proprietary from Wizards of the Coast, which is going to stay put as Epic becomes the other exclusiveway to launch the game. The breakdown comes straight from Wizards: “Nothing changes for anyone currently playing Magic: The Gathering Arena. When MTG Arena launches on the Epic Games Store, it will continue to be available for direct download from Existing players on the Wizards platform will not be required to create Epic accounts.”

Don’t worry, there will be full cross-play! You can ignore the Epic Games Store entirely if you want.

Bringing MTG Arena to more players and places this winter [Wizards of the Coast]