Magic: The Gathering's next set, Core 2019, dated for July 13


Pre-release on July 7-8

After a long wait, Wizards of the Coast has mostly unveiled the cards that are arriving in its newest Magic: The Gathering set by way of a spoiler weekend..

A lot of classic cards return in Core 2019 in a sort of interim release before the announced fall set, and now you can get a look at what’s coming on the official site. Boxes (36 boosters), boosters, bundles, toolkits, and Planeswalker decks are now on sale, all set for a July 13 release date (or if you prefer, early access events on July 7-8). It’s going to be a busy time for Magic standarddeckbuilders from July through October 5 — as the Khaladesh and Amonkhet blocks don’t rotate out until the latter date.

For those who are interested the preliminary story is also up on the official site, and events through September have been scheduled. Right now I’m sitting on nine standard decks — up from…zero just several months ago. I’m probably going to crack a box of Core 2019 and hope for the best!

Core 2019 [Wizards of the Coast]