Make a map in Killing Floor 2 and win some money, maybe


Make the Destructoid HQ, please

…I didn’t write about this? With all the Killing Floor 2 stuff I writeI could have sworn that I did. This is bad. What else have I forgotten? Who…am I?

I’ll deal with that later. If you have any mappin’ skillz, you can put them to work in the Killing Floor 2 Grindhouse Mapping Contest. The first competition phase started on October 12 and ends on November 30 so if you want to be part of it, get to work! The second phase starts on December 7 and ends January 31 next year. Your map will be judged on criteria such as fun, performance, graphics, AI pathing, and a bunch of other stuff you can find here. 1st prize for the first phase is $5,000, and winning the second phase will get you $10,000. Plus, you can work in teams!

Now you have literally no excuse not to make a map out of Mr. Destructoid’s head. And also make me a Mr. Destructoid helmet for when I play with y’all.

Killing Floor 2 Grindhouse Mapping Contest [Tripwire Interactive]