Make your own Mass Effect Legendary Edition cover with this sick box art creator


Alexa, how do I make them all Garrus?

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is fast approaching, and its box art is adorned with the many crewmates of the Normandy from throughout the trilogy.

But maybe you don’t like how they’re arranged? Maybe you’re a little more Paragon or Renegade, or you’d rather spotlight the shady station of Omega or the pristine Presidium. Honestly, Kasumi deserves some box art respect too, right?

Well, you can make it all happen with a new creation tool that BioWare put out today. This handy-dandy site lets you pick your morality, location, and favorite crewmates to create your own personalized version of the Legendary Edition box art.

It even comes in multiple sizes, so you can share the image around easily between devices. Get a 4K wallpaper render, a square size for a social media icon or 9:16 for your phone background, and then of course, a full box art for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

The only trick is you have to, essentially, rank the crew of the Normandy. You pick out various characters for slots like “Favorite Squadmates” and “Trusted Companion,” though some are unavailable for some of the spots on the lineup. Then, after somehow choosing favorites, it creates your own beautiful lineup, personalized to your favorite crew.

Sadly, you cannot make every slot a single character either. So no Thane-only or Wrex-only lineups. That said, this is probably one of the coolest things I never knew I wanted. With the Legendary Edition not far off, I’ve been thinking a lot about the trilogy, and now I can slide in a custom-made box art to represent my ride-or-die Normandy crew.

Feel free to share your lineup below! Mine is actually the image embedded further up this article, though who knows, maybe I’ll make a few alts as well?