Man at Arms forges War's Chaoseater


Man at Arms’ most-requested build

I always love posting about the crazy weapon builds from the blacksmiths over at Man at Arms: Reforged. This most recent build was too cool to pass up talking about as the team of talented craftsmen creates Chaoseater from Darksiders.

I’ve said it a million times, but the amount of work that goes into these projects is insane. The scale of this weapon, in particular, makes it doubly impressive.

The blade is made from some old railroad tracks and the team even went the extra mile of making the indentations for the screaming faces that adorn it using only hand tools. The size and weight of the blade make it considerably tougher to swing than some of Man at Arms’ past creations, but that doesn’t stop them from lifting it up to cleave a pumpkin in half.

The video above takes you through every step of the forging process and as with every one of these videos I’m in awe of the talent of this team. You can check out more of Man at Arms: Reforged on their parent YouTube channel AWE me.