Man beats Smash Melee world record that he set when he was 16


People are still toying with Home Run Contest

Mike “Typo” Bassett is still at it.

While you were putting your pants on one leg at a time, Typo was setting world records for the Home Run Contest in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Nearly a decade ago he broke into the scene,stealing multiple crowns with several characters. You may be asking yourself , “wait, the Home Run Contest scene is that involved?” Absolutely.

While several characters like Ganondorf can achieve the maximum score of 11,347.2 feet, prospective trendsetters have been battling it out with most of the cast for years. Typo just happens to be one of the most dedicated, as evidenced by the fact that he beat his own record with Link just this week, a milestone he achieved when he was 16 years old.He’s also locked in combat with another challenger, Sin2324, though he hasn’t been nearly as active as Typo.

Even if you’re mildly interested in his antics and his dedication to what has become a very niche community, give him a follow on Twitter. Typo has a gift for breaking down his exact thought process and making his passion palpable.

Typo [Twitter]

Finally improved my near decade-old Link WR, this time w/ a completely new strat. shoutouts to the kid

(subgoal for live reaction video??)

— Balance | Typo (@hrcTypo) July 16, 2017