Man, Mega Man 8 had some great art


Now it’s up for auction

A few weeks ago, aMega Man fan named Heidi Kemps obtained a whole box of original Mega Man 8animation cels for $300 at a swap meet. It just kind of organically happened, too — Kemps states that a seller “noted [their] interest in historical Capcom material, and pulled out a giant box of Mega Man 8cels.”

Those very cels are up for auction now and you can find the entire listing on this landing page here, compliments of Rockman Corner. Dr. Light is already sold out, which leaves you with Mega Man, Guts Man, and two Duo prints. They’re not going for an astronomical amount so it stands to reason that you could nab one.

Mega Man 8 truly was a fantastic entry, and one of my favorites to this day. The animations are superb, Duo was a great way to shake up the “Classic” series in a way that sort of felt X-like in nature, and the Robot Masters are some of the most lively in the franchise.

Check Out These Amazing Mega Man 8 Animation Cels a Fan Found at a Swap Meet [USGamer via Rockman Corner]