MapleStory 2 celebrates one million players with thank-you events


I do love a good Halloween shindig…

Considering MapleStory 2 quickly found its way onto Steam’s most-played-games list (as judged by concurrent user counts), it’s no surprise to hear that the free-to-play MMORPG has now passed one million players a week after launch. According to Nexon, “the game continues to increase its servers, especially the Oceania server, where player population continues to exceed expectations.”

Along with a Halloween event which runs until November 8 with a themed quest and items, MapleStory 2 is giving out celebratory gifts. If you’re on the fence, this is a particularly good time to start.

To participate in the Halloween festivities, just accept the “Murder at Mon Bloody Chouchou” quest and go to the hotel in Queenstown where you’ll find Hotelier Plutino, who will get you started.

As for the one-million-player celebration, it’s a dungeon bonus and a separate gift for max-level players.

Double Dungeon Drop Event

  • (October 19 – 26): Get two rolls on the loot table with every Normal Adventure Dungeon you complete.

Weekend Giveaway Event

  • (Oct. 20 – 21): Log in with a level-60 character for a Style Crate.
  • (Oct. 21 – 22): Log in with a level-60 character for 500 Red Merets.
  • Rewards can’t be sold or traded but can be transferred to alt characters on the same account via the in-game bank.

Will folks stick with MapleStory 2 long-term? That’s the real question. Right now, it has this inherent curiosity factor going for it as the fresh-faced sequel to a decade-and-a-half-old game. You playin’?

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