Mario Golf: Super Rush will have you running to Switch this June


Story mode?!

The Nintendo Switch has been missing some good golf games, but that’s going to change this summer.

There is a lot here to be excited about beyond just getting a new entry in Nintendo’s best Mario sports franchise. Mario Golf:Super Rushwill include motion controls for anyone who still has fond memories of playing golf in Wii Sports. There are also new tools to help you gauge your shot and figure out the terrain of each hole.

Perhaps most exciting is the return of a story mode. Play as your Mii and level up as you challenge and interact with the heroes and villains of the Mushroom Kingdom. If you’re confident with your Mii, you can take them into multiplayer mode as well.

Speaking of multiplayer, Speed Golf looks like an outstanding addition to the franchise. In this competitive mode, you race against other players to be the first to knock your ball into the hole. Power-ups will help give you the advantage, but the better shot you are, the better chance you’ll have to emerge the victor.

Mario Golf: Super Rushwill launch on June 25 for Nintendo Switch.