Mario Kart Tour gets an injection of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


Green flag’s waving on Exploration Tour

Two weeks ago, Mario Kart Tourwent to the beach. That’s evidently enough Vitamin D for a while because now Mario Kart Tourtakes to the dark, dank caves to do its best Temple of Doomimpression.

Mario Kart Tourtackles Captain Toad: Treasure Trackerfor the next half-month as the Exploration Tour begins. The Exploration Tour puts everyone in minecarts and construction equipment, powersliding around underground rock formations. I know there’s a mnemonic device for keeping stalactites and stalagmites separate but I can never remember it. That either says something about the shitty mnemonic device or my shitty brain.

Anyway, this event runs for two weeks. If I had to take a verb and turn it into a fake adjective (or maybe adverb) to describe Exploration Tour? Spelunky.