Mario Kart Tour London event includes Waluigi and Holiday Daisy


Consider yerself… at home…

Mario Kart Tour has pulled into London on the next leg of its global racing competition. Nintendo has dropped a new trailer, showing off some of the characters, karts, and other items currently waiting in the mobile title’s notorious “Pipe.”

Two new racers have arrived in the form of “Holiday Cheer Daisy” and a pretty dapper-looking “Bus Driver Waluigi,” who can also take to the track in a neat looking miniature double-decker bus. Red Koopa Trooper also joins the roster, rocking a backwards baseball cap like it’s ’91.

Of course there is also a new London circuit for our drivers to whiz around, as well as several other kart and glider variants available. All of the above items are available to find in-game until December 17, Holiday rewards, such as the previously-revealed Santa Mario, will remain available until December 31.

Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.