Mario Kart Tour's chilly update sees the return of a notorious raceway


Not very ice

Nintendo has revealed the contents of the next leg of the global Mario Kart Tour circuit. Today sees the mobile racer pull into the tundra of some nondescript arctic location, kicking off the chilly “Ice Tour.”

Three new drivers arrive in the form of Penguin Suit Luigi, Ice Mario, and a cute Wintertime Peach, rocking her best winter duds from Super Mario Odyssey. Also arriving as part of the update is the notorious “Frappe Snowland” course from Mario Kart 64, renown for its cheatin’ ways (which does not carry over into Mario Kart Tour, obviously). Several new karts and gliders have also been thrown into the mix.

It should be duly-noted that it remains a complete grind in order to rack up the Itchy and Scratchy money needed to purchase these items. Outside of scoring them through the much-maligned “pipe” system, the only guaranteed way of bagging all items is through the outright purchase of the $40 Ice Mario pack. Frappe Snowland isn’t the only thing freezing over.

The Ice Tour event ends on January 29. Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.