Mario Kart Tour's Jungle Tour adds Funky and Dixie Kong


Huh-huh-HERE WE GO!

The latest leg of Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour is now live. Having apparently abandoned the concept of visiting real-world capitals, the mobile racer is fully embracing the Nintendo universe, with this latest event transporting the roster to the colourful Donkey Kong jungle.

Jungle Tour Week One sees the arrival of committee-cool meme king Funky Kong, who takes to the track in the kind of ATV that rich dickheads bother people at the beach with. Week Two will welcome the cheerful Dixie Kong, who incidentally is making her Mario Kart debut. You may now commence rapping.

This event’s Tour Gifts include Baby Luigi – complete with Green Kiddie Kart – and the Minion Paper Glider. Gold Pass subscribers will receive Donkey Kong himself, along with the Chrome DK Jungle Kart, the BaNaNa Parafoil Glider, and the Blooper Hanafuda Glider. The Jungle Tour event ends on June 2.

Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.