Mario Kart Tour's Summer Festival adds Yukata Daisy to the mix


Kimono Kutie

Having finished sailing the seven seas with its recent, Nintendo’s mobile racer Mario Kart Tour is getting set to showcase some Japanese culture with its all-new Summer Festival Tour.

The Summer Festival Tour will add two new character variants to the gacha pipe: Yukata Daisy and Happi Mario, both of whom are rocking traditional Japanese garb. Also arriving in the new update are the cheerful “Festival Girl” kart, and a new glider stylised like an origami crane.

In keeping with the Japanese theme, the Summer Festival Tour will see the return of the Tokyo Blur tracks, as featured in Mario Kart Tour‘s original Japan Tour event. Tour gifts for this event include packs of rubies and racer Baby Rosalina.

Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.