Nintendo gets the shindig going with Mario Party Superstars trailer


Don’t bring Cards Against Humanity

It’s now October, and that means we’re just a few weeks out from one of Nintendo’s biggest releases of 2021, Mario Party Superstars. Launching just in time for the Holiday season, the new multiplayer title no doubt hopes to get you and your game-hating family members gathered around the Switch for silly, colorful action with Mario and his familiar friends. Nintendo Japan released a three-minute Mario Party Superstars overview trailer, offering an extended look at the digital tabletop title.

As is to be expected, Mario Party Superstars will be comprised of a board game element, alongside a slew of wacky, easy-to-play minigames, sure to get your relatives staring at the Joy-Con in disbelief and muttering about “Mickey Mouse technology”. Among the worlds on show are the hi-tech Space Land, the tasty-looking Peach’s Birthday Cake, the rustic Woody Woods, and the creepy Horror Land — take a look.

Mario Party Superstars will house 100 distinct mini-games, all of which can be played in standard Mario Party Mode or enjoyed in the rapid-fire Free Play mode.

The new entry will support same-system, local wireless, and online multiplayer, with the option to save your game between turns if anyone has to duck out of play. A sticker mode will allow players to “praise and pester” their opponents online, and all modes support online multiplayer. Huh, maybe you won’t have to get together with the fam after all.

Mario Party Superstars launches October 29 on Nintendo Switch.