Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's new DLC is intimidating


Ultra Hard challenges and a co-op campaign

Every week or so I feel like I hear someone else casually mention they’ve full-cleared Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. If that describes you and you have gaming time to spare before Super Mario Odyssey monopolizes your Nintendo Switch for the foreseeable future, hey, this might be relevant!

The season pass continues this week with the Ultra Challenge Pack (available standalone for $6.99), which adds eight Ultra Hard challenges and a five-map cooperative campaign. If you’re ready and willing, you’ll be able to take on these new challenges in each world’s secret chapter.

The next batch of DLC — some “unexpected” new story content — is scheduled for 2018.

I’m planning on Kingdom Battle being one of those mid- to late-December games you get around to once everything else has slowed to a crawl. I want to take my sweet time for a few weeks.