Mario's voice actor finally clarifies hotly debated Mario 64 boss dialog: 'So long…'


…Kinga Bowser?

Super Mario 64‘s “so long…[x] Bowser!” is one of the most hotly contested video game lines to date. If you somehow haven’t played this classic before, the gist is that during the several big boss battles with Bowser, Mario utters something through the filter of the Nintendo 64’s voice that some of us understood as “so long-a Bowser!” There are myriad more colorful interpretations.

But this debate is seemingly over according to one source: the man who actually said it. Charles Martinet, voice of Mario (and many other Koopa Kingdom residents) responded to a fan on Twitter regarding the inquiry, and stated: “so long kinga Bowser!” Mystery over? Maybe.

Now that’s one too many syllables for me. “King-a?” It doesn’t quite sound like that. But “so long king Bowser?” I buy it.

Charles Martinet [Twitter]