Marvel says the Spider-Man game's coming in 2017, Insomniac immediately says 'nah'


Who should we believe?

The Insomniac-developed PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Mangame has been at the center of a tangled web of misinformation today. For a bit — just a very little bit — it was announced to be releasing later this year. Then it was immediately countered.

On a live stream (and as reported on reddit), Marvel vice president and executive editor of digital media Ryan Penagos casually mentioned that Spider-Manwould ship in 2017. This was news to everyone, as a release date had never been stated.

However, Insomniac took to Twitter as soon as this started making the rounds. Responding to a user, the developer said “No release timeframe has been announced.” The release date news was squashed almost as quickly as it leaked.

So, is this whole situation a net zero for information? Yeah, kind of (but we ran an article anyway). Insomniac never said that Spider-Manisn’t coming in 2017, just that a window hasn’t been announced. If Spider-Manactually is set for this year, it’s certainly thetype of thing that’s being saved for a more grand reveal than an off-handed comment on a live stream.

Alternatively, maybe Spider-Manwon’t ship this year and Penagos just misspoke. That’s definitely a possibility. Or, and this is probably the most likely of them all, development’s still up in the air enough that Insomniac isn’t sure if it’ll finish in time to release by the end of 2017.

We’re no closer to knowing when Spider-Manon PS4 will release. It’s just that everything got considerably more confusing, the waters a lot muddier. Video games are funny like that sometimes.

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