Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 datamining efforts reveal four more playable characters


Mild appearance spoilers

New datamining efforts from the retail edition of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 have unveiled new playable characters. I’m going to dance around a bit in this intro to create a buffer between the mild spoiler reveals in case you’re going in blind.

So, here they are! Spoilers!

As a reminder, Colossus and Cyclops, which are already in the game and not playable, are coming as free DLC on August 30. A Marvel Knights expansion is coming in the fall, and will consist of Blade, Punisher, Moon Knight, and Morbius. There are three DLCs in total, and this first one has set the precedent of four characters per DLC, so a total of 12 premium roster additions is expected.

We already knew that from official sources, but based on information from Demonslayerx8, Black Bolt, Medusa, Vision, and Valkyrie are also going to be made playable, likely as free updates at some point. Note that all four of these are already in the game just like the aforementioned C&C duo as non-playable characters.

More notes: Valkyrie is not based on her MCU incarnation, Black Bolt and Medusa are characters from the Inhumanssaga from the comic source (and the recent failed TV show led by Scott Buck), and Vision is…well odds are you’ve seen one MCU film with Vision in it.

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