Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 guide: Five tips to help you best the higher difficulty settings


Berserker barrage

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a brawler at heart, but there’s a few tricky bosses to navigate.

Here’s a few tips to help avoid that frustration.

  • If you’re playing solo, swap to another character if your health is low. The game kind of shields them so they don’t instantly die from really hard-hitting boss abilities, so you can prolong your team for a bit longer if your health is in the danger zone. Also, equipping your CPUs with health-restoring gems (or picking characters with healing factor) is a good way to slowly recharge those swapped-out CPUs for an eventual reswap.
  • You can actually trigger all four ultimates (the yellow bar) at once, with all four party members going crazy on-screen. It’s generally a good rule to save your quad-ultimate for when a tough boss is justabout to be staggered (their purple meter is low), which allows you to unleash your most powerful attacks on their more vulnerable health bar.

    Alternatively, you can spread out single ultimates in areas with lots of difficult elite enemies. One ultimate is usually enough to stun a group of elites, and if you need more help, trigger one more ultimate for the finisher: preserving the other two for a similar situation.

  • Look around for crates to smash for help in any situation, including boss battles. They’ll drop red (health) or blue (mana) orbs. Ultimates can also pop orbs, so think of them as a way to go invincible during full-screen boss attacks and heal in a pinch.
  • This is a beat ’em up after all, so with all the smashing it’s easy to forget that the upgrade enabling menus exist. Always remember to press start (+) and go to your “team” menu to upgrade skills, and use the S.H.I.E.L.D auto-save pads to go to the “lab” and upgrade your team’s passive abilities. Work your way from the inside to the outside of the web and get more plentiful and cheaper upgrades first.
  • The revive meter/counter stays where it was even if you’re knocked away from your teammate. Try to lure a boss away from a revive point, stun them, then go back and safely recover your party member. You can also tough it out and you’ll revive them eventually.