Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 team teases spring 2020 Doctor Doom DLC


I hope it has Doombots

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3is ready to drop its third and final season pass offering (and possibly final DLC overall?): “Shadow of Doom.” Now we already knew the pack would be Fantastic Four-themed and would have Doctor Doom in it, but Nintendo of Canada has re-confirmed the spring 2020 release window and a look at Ultimate Alliance 3‘s take on the Doctor.

Don’t get too excited though. So far the season pass DLCs have been underwhelming, remixing old content in the form of challenge rooms on top of a few decent roster additions. So far each DLC drop comes with four characters: who we can only assume to be the full Fantastic Four lineup. Hopefully we’ll get a bonus fifth, because leaving us hanging with an unplayable Doctor Doom would be the final nail in the coffin for this underwhelming season pass.

As a reminder, you can check out a fully updated list of playable characters here, just in case you were waiting to pick this one up.

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