Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's character dupe glitch fixed in new patch


It was only a matter of time

Some glitches are ruinous, but others can be unintentionally helpful. There was a glitch in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order that allowed players to duplicate a single character and have up to four instances of the same hero working together to beat up baddies and, crucially, earn loads of experience points all at once. As of today, though, it’s gone the 1.0.2 update put an end to the bug.

Funnily enough, I first encountered the character-duping glitch by accident before hearing about it online. It was simply a matter of having the right character in the right spot while playing the Infinity Rift challenges. In short: if you went to play a solo-hero Rift, the game would insert that same character into your party’s first slot even if you already had them in a different slot on your team. From there, all you needed to do was bump the newly-created duplicate hero to another spot and repeat the glitch.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 players, myself included, used the glitch as a way to quickly level-up heroes. I love this silly game, but it is a grind, and I was happy to use every last trick intentional or otherwise to speed that process up. I’m not too surprised to see Team Ninja patch it out. That’s modern gaming!

If you haven’t gotten the update yet, consider this your heads up.