Marvel's Avengers shows off its Destiny-style loot


Get up to speed in three minutes

Here it is: a concise, informative, all-around useful gameplay overview for Marvel’s Avengers, the loot-centric action-adventure game from Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montréal, and Square Enix. It’s about time!

The summary video gets into the story setup (Kamala Khan has to get the band back together to fend off A.I.M.), your home base (a decommissioned helicarrier that’ll be “upgraded throughout the story”), the gear system (think along the lines of Destiny), the skills system (with unlockable character abilities to customize your hero’s build), and the War Table (which offers a range of single-player Hero Missions and solo/up-to-four-player Warzone Missions, both of which “drive the narrative forward”).

Marvel’s Avengers should make a lot more sense now, structurally speaking. Crystal Dynamics has also shared more details on the PlayStation Blog, including a few notes about co-op. After the A-Day intro level, you can jump into co-op missions your progress is shared between every game mode.

Assuming I don’t snap and shun all loot games before May 15, 2020, I can get down with this.