Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is bringing some Venom in 2023


Peter and Miles are about to deal with an alien symbiote

During today’s PlayStation Showcase 2021, Insomniac revealed two games. And alongside its take on Logan, the studio confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is in development and aiming for 2023.

The trailer shown off today features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting crime and slinging webs, but an ominous voice soon cracks the scene. As they peer into the darkness, we get a glimpse of a well-known Spidey villain: Venom.

Over on the PlayStation blog, Insomniac’s Ryan Schneider confirms the team is crafting all-new stories for both Peter and Miles. Much of the same development team that worked on Marvel’s Spider-Man is returning, including creative director Bryan Intihar and game director Ryan Smith.

Schneider also confirms that Tony Todd, of Candyman fame, will be voicing Venom, and that Yuri Lowenthal and Nadji Jeter will be reprising their roles as Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

The first Marvel’s Spider-Man was a pretty big hit for the PlayStation 4 back in 2018, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales carried the torch forward into the PlayStation 5 era. It’s not a huge surprise to see the Spidey franchise continue production, though it’s heartening to see both Peter and Miles getting the focus in this trailer. And with Venom, the Spider-family looks like it will keep on growing.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set for sometime in 2023.