Mass Effect: Andromeda will have a 10-hour EA Access trial on March 16


That’s not very far off!

Ahead of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s March 21, 2017 launch in North America, subscribers to EA and Origin Access will have a head start with the game. A 10-hour trial is set to go up on March 16.

It’s unclear what all will be available in this extended demo, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect unrestricted access. As with prior trials, you may only be able to progress through to a certain point before EA says you’ve had enough. Assuming multiplayer is functional, though, that’ll be grand.

Several older games are also on the docket for the subscription service, including Skate 3, Madden NFL 17, Zuma’s Revenge, and Dead Space Ignition. Look for those in the the Vault later this year.

I’m planning on getting the PS4 version of Andromeda since I have a Pro, so I’ll have to sit this one out. It continues to be a shame that Sony and EA haven’t worked out an arrangement for EA Access, because I’d possibly subscribe for a month just to get some early Mass Effect play in before launch.

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