'May the 4th Be With You' is a bad marketing holiday, please don't celebrate it


May you buy more stuff

Many holidays are such a foreign concept to me. I get that we, as humans, have an inherent need to celebrate things and have excuses to see each other. I like to do that every week by…celebrating things and seeing people. But for others, holidays are a reason (or obligation) to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do, which, depending on your situation, can be a good thing. Nearly everyone has fond memories of Christmas mornings, or Thanksgiving dinners, so the appeal is clear (though with the former, it’s a rude awaking once you realize that you’re now, as the adult, the one spending money giving gifts more than you get!).

But made up shit that has an arbitrary day involved? That’s where I draw the line.

Look, I love Star Warsas much as the next guy, but “May the 4th Be With You?” Bad. Coined by an author in 1979that was hired by Lucasfilm to write about the making of Empire Strikes Back, it has since evolved into a marketing scheme (there were even Star Wars Weeks at Disney) and a bona fide holiday. But if you insist on enjoying it, you can get some deals while you’re at it. Hey, I’m not a complete “May 4th” Grinch!

GameStop is holding a special sale for Star Wars Battlefront, which will be priced at $39.99. If you buy a PS4, you’ll get a copy for free. Also, there’s 20% off Star Warsmerch, a “buy three get one free” deal on all Funko POP figures, a “buy three get one free” pre-owned game promotion, and stores have the first Poe Dameron comic issue. Non Star Wars-related, you can also get a Darkrai card during the month of May for free if you don’t want to spend any cash. Oh, and The Old Republichas an event too.

Sidenote: when you celebrate Cinco de Mayo a day later, remember that it’snot Mexico’s Independence Day.