Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Frostbite's new hair engine


Make it work girl

Since the advent of the 3D accelerator in the fifth generation of gaming, developers have been pushing for more and more realistic engines to smudge the line between reality and gaming as much as possible. Recently, we’ve stagnated with near photorealistic engines becoming the norm in AAA game development. That is until now. From the good folks at Electronic Arts, Destructoid is proud to present to you Frostbite’s hair engine!

Just look at her, with her luscious locks of logarithmic language. So fierce. So bold. So in need of a brush. With these improvements coming to the Frostbite engine,hopefully,Cristiano Ronaldo will bring back his frosted tips so we can see Frostbite frosted tips in FIFA 20.

Frostbites New hair tech puts Geralt’s locks to shame[PC Gamer]