Maybe this is the release date of Super Mario Maker 2, maybe it isn't


But it probably is

When does Super Mario Maker 2release? We don’t know. But, Nintendo knows and retailers possibly know. It’s because of the latter’s slip-up that we might actually have a pretty good idea.

YouTube channel GameXplain is reporting that Amazon UK has sent out emails to customers who have pre-ordered, stating that Super Mario Maker 2is set to ship to them on June 14. That seems perfectly plausible. June 14 is a Friday in the not-too-distant future.

If it’s incorrect information, it’s suspiciously specific wrong intel. Placeholder dates are usually set as something obviously inaccurate, such as December 31. This isn’t like that. This is more likely to be a case of someone prematurely emailing classified info. Also,Nintendo has already confirmed it’s launching in June, so the puzzle pieces fit.

So, I’m not saying Super Mario Maker 2is definitely releasing on June 14, but I’m saying there’s a decent chance that’s exactly what will happen. Retailer leaks aren’t infallible, but they have a surprisingly good track record. Let’s call it a 70 percent chance. And if it’s wrong, you won’t remember this post anyway.

RUMOR: Super Mario Maker 2 Launching June 14th According to Amazon UK [GameXplain]