Mayhem Brawler to add four player co-op and Best Lycanthrope She-Wolf


Real Wild Child

Developer Hero Concept has shared some exciting news pertaining to its comic-book slap-fight, Mayhem Brawler — following on from its recent “Air Supremacy” update, the new update includes an additional playable character, Christina Vasquez, better known in Mayhem City’s back-alleys as the fearsome She-Wolf!

Long decided by the community to be among Mayhem Brawler‘s coolest characters, this werewolf-turned-diner owner-turned-crime boss-turned-ass-kicker is first introduced as the boss character of Mayhem Brawler‘s second stage — where she offers the forces of Stronghold violent resistance. However, post-Update 2.1, players will be able to lace up Christina’s Cons themselves, before taking to the streets as the wild child.

She-Wolf brings her own fighting style to the party, with a move set that includes a vicious, flame-assisted dive-kick. Outside of utilizing her nefarious nocturnal powers, which include claw-slashing strikes and big furry bites, Vasquez is also be equipped with a handy Off-the-Ground slide attack, which will allow her to continue the beatdown even after her foe has fallen. She looks wicked, and Mayhem Brawler fans are sure to take to her like wildfire.

In addition to She-Wolf’s arrival, Update 2.1 will bring with it an all-new four-player local co-op mode, allowing the entire roster to battle their way through Mayhem Brawler‘s multi-pathed story mode. Finally, a new level selection option will let players replay previously completed stages at a whim, which will be perfect for mastering combos and optimizing those speedrun efforts.

mayhem brawler update she-wolf

The appearance of She-Wolf is, ultimately, a major boon for Mayhem Brawler, and represents the title’s best thematic update since launch. Not only was Vasquez immediately adopted as one of the stars of the show, but now, finally, we don’t have to play as the cops anymore, lending the game a much-needed streak of anarchic, power-to-the-people, “take the city back” vigilante lawlessness.

The Wolfpack 2.1 Update will launch in February. Mayhem Brawler is available now on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.