Mayor Cody gets all stabby in new Street Fighter V gameplay video


How can such a criminal rise to political prominence?

Capcom have uploaded a new video in their Character Introduction series, looking at the upcoming return of one of their most popular punchers. Cody Travers, who has apparently stepped away from a life of crime to become the new mayor of Metro City, is getting back into the ring in Street Fighter V.

Despite the fancy haircut and snazzy clothes, Cody clearly still knows his way around a dust-up, even bringing his trusty blade to bear via his V-Trigger. A lot of people have been hollering for the street-smart sociopath to make his Street Fighter return, so it will be interesting to see how faithful Cody players take to his new fighting style.

Capcom will be taking SFV offline on June 25 for maintenance, with the game expected to return complete with its crossover costumes and all-new loot box feature. Gee whiz. Cody is expected to available for purchase once the game comes back online, although the publisher has noted that he will receive a free trail until June 27.

Street Fighter V is available now on PS4 and PC.