May's Games with Gold are kind of the same old


One month in a smokey pool hall was too long

When I cover these Games with Gold posts, sometimes I’ll comment how the announcements are akin to flipping the page on a cute animal calendar and finding out what kitty, or puppy, or baby duck in a bonnet the next four weeks or so hold for you. Imagine your surprise at turning the page to find that exact same baby duck staring back at you. Except, maybe he has some baby duck friends.

That ill-crafted analog is kind of how May’s Games with Gold go. Xbox Live Gold subscribers who took advantage of April’s titles will notice Pool Nation FXoffered for a second straight month. The good news is it’s a “bonus” of sorts, and there are more games alongside it; the bad news is they aren’t all that enticing.

May’s (other) Xbox One game is CastleStorm: Definitive Edition.Mafia IImakes up the first half of the month for Xbox 360 users who find comfort in undertaking menial gangster tasks. Two weeks later, F1 2013takes the wheel from the mob, and drives away really fast.

Maybe June’s calendar picture will be cuter.

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