McFarlane Toys reveal new figures in their Borderlands range


They’re not dolls, mom!

I was a big fan of Todd McFarlane Toys in the past, I had a full collection of that amazing Movie Maniacs series in the late ’90s, although I bailed once characters like Sarah Connor and Shaft showed up. Also, I never got a reply to my letter asking for Ghostbusters’ Walter Peck to be added to the range.

Regardless, the toymaker marched onward (somehow surviving without the inclusion of the greatest Movie Maniac of all time) and yesterday, Gearbox Software tweeted out that McFarlane toys are to release new figures based on the hi-octane RPG series, Borderlands.

The tweet features prototypes of sinewy head-caver Krieg the Psycho and treasure-huntin’ siren Lilith. The latter in particular looks like she’s seen some shit out in the wastelands, man. This deadly duo join previous releases ClapTrap, Tiny Tina and Handsome Jack, who all hit the shelves in 2017.

Krieg and Lilith feature articulation points and accessories, and are both scheduled for release in July 2018. You can find more images and information at the official website right here.

This summer, @Todd_McFarlane is bringing Krieg the Psycho and Lilith the Siren to your shelves!

Stay tuned for pre-order information, and be sure to check out the other figures in the series here! ➜

— Gearbox Software (@GearboxSoftware) February 21, 2018