Medieval mouse adventure Ghost of a Tale hits Steam Early Access


There’s a good six months left to go

Ghost of a Tale has looked captivating for quite some time, and although it still isn’t done yet, the gorgeous stealth-centric action-RPG is now playable through Steam Early Access. It’s getting there.

“While the game’s core mechanics are about 85-90% there (including player character, NPC interaction/dialogue system, enemy behaviour etc.) we reckon that this pre-release represents the first 25-30% of the full game (in terms of quests to be completed and locations to be explored),” says developer SeithCG. “So please keep in mind this pre-release ends in the middle of the action!”

Besides being a chance for players to share feedback, this unfinished release is of course financially driven. Ghost of a Tale had a successful (albeit relatively tiny) crowdfunding campaign, but that was back in 2013. According to Seith, “Early Access will allow us to complete the game (including localization) to our same high-quality standard while still remaining fully independent.”

That trailer up there is old, but it should give you an idea of the tone they’re going for. I suspect we’ll see playthroughs of the current build on YouTube by the end of the day.

Ghost of a Tale [Steam Early Access]