Meet Alex Chen in Life is Strange: True Colors' opening scene


Stranger Things

Square Enix has released a short teaser for its upcoming graphic adventure Life is Strange: True Colors. The new game, the latest entry in the award-winning series, will launch on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia platforms on September 10.

The short clip introduces us to new protagonist Alex Chen, as she discusses her hopes for a better life, living alongside her brother, in her new home of Haven Springs. Sadly for Alex, fate has more complex plans in store, and her arrival at the sleepy locale will be an eventful one, bringing new personalities, challenges, and hazards into her mysterious world.

Square Enix likely chose this particular scene not only for its emotional and foreboding impact, but also to showcase developer Deck Nine Game’s technical prowess in giving Alex character and personality through her facial animation. Life is Strange: True Colors is expected to be another charged dramatic adventure, with underlying themes of powers beyond that of regular mortals. Unlike previous series entries, True Colors will be a singular release, eschewing the episodic format. At least you won’t have to wait on any nail-biting cliffhangers.

And if you can’t wait until September, then don’t forget that a special issue of the Life is Strange comic book is being released for Free Comic Book Day. Among other stories, this issue will feature a prologue to True Colors, so be sure to grab it from your local retailer on August 14.