Meet Charles Martinet, voice of Mario, at London GAME store's midnight launch


It’s him, Charles…

Charles Martinet, the English voice of Nintendo’s world renown hero Mario, will be in attendance at the GAME store in the Westfield centre, Stratford, London for the midnight launch of new title Super Mario Odyssey.

Martinet will be expected to attend the meet and greet session on Thursday October 26 from 10:30pm until 00:30am, to celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated Switch title. Those hoping to meet the man himself would be advised to get to the store early. Neat.

Charles Martinet, a Nintendo employee since 1990, first voiced Mario in 1995 in the title Mario’s FUNdamentals. Martinet’s most recognisable work came the following year, as the voice of the long-running protagonist in Super Mario 64. The 62-year-old actor has also lent his vocal talents to games such as Skies of Arcadia, Skyrim and Super Punch Out!!

And there you go!