Meet Genshin Impact's charming cryo-archer, Ganyu


A nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to work there

miHoYo has posted a lovely teaser trailer introducing us to the next hero headed to its ever-evolving RPG Genshin Impact, which is practically printing money at a phenomenal rate. The relaxing video takes us on a stroll with Ganyu, a charming young woman who works as an emissary for the governing body, Liyue Qixing.

In the short teaser, Ganyu performs her role to a tee, showing us around the merchant village that is Liyue Harbor, stopping to gaze at its beautiful vistas and hypnotic, star-filled skies, segueing the seductive abilities of the surroundings and her own inviting nature to sneak in a request that you work your ass off… Wait a minute? Is this a job interview?!

For those of you hoping to roll for the cryo-archer’s arrival, Ganyu will be joining the pull-pipe sometime around mid-January, with the current Albedo banner expected to end on Tuesday, January 12.

“106,327 heartbearts… The time that has passed since I last knew rest…” You and me both, sister.