Meet Nep-Nep's new friends in VVVTunia's cheerful opening movie


Nep-PU! Nep-PU! Nep-PU!

There’s still a full two months to go before the Japanese release of VVVTunia, the next entry in the beloved Hyperdimension Neptunia series, and Compile Heart is yet to speak of a western localisation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy this delightful opening sequence.

The video features the hyper-cheerful track “∞ (Unlimited),” written by Japanese artist Jin, and performed by new VVVTunia idols Me and You, (that’s the characters’ names, I don’t literally mean “me and you”). The video itself reintroduces us to series veterans Noire, Blanc, Vert and, of course, Nep-Nep herself, while debuting new superstars Vice, Licht, Mauli, and Kili – who is “a mood” – as the kids say.

VVVTunia will see our favourite console gals travel to the digital world of “Planet EMO,” responding to a distress call from the Virtual Idols who live therein. Eschewing the typical RPG format of previous Neptunia titles, VVVTunia is a third-person action-adventure, featuring direct-control combat and a vast new world waiting to be explored. VVVTunia will also feature dancing mini-game BeatTik, a new “Video Mode,” customisation options, and the silly humour that is a staple of the franchise.

VVVTunia launches in Japan on July 2, exclusively on PS4.

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