Meet Rosaria, Genshin Impact's alluring, apathetic, spear-wielding nun


Saints and Sinners

miHoYo has released a trailer introducing us to Sister Rosaria, the next character headed to PS4, PC, and mobile phenomenon Genshin Impact. Rosaria will be added to the gacha pipe during the next banner event, which is expected to launch on or around April 6.

Rosaria is a high-ranking Sister in Monstadt’s Church of Favorius. Despite her important position, Rosaria is relatively bored of her holy lifestyle, flitting around in an aloof manner and often failing to show up for her duties. But even with this apathetic attitude toward her chores, Rosaria remains wholly dedicated to defending Monstadt and the church – facilitated by her femme-fatale nature and highly-adept spear-fighting skills.

The trailer also spotlights both Rosaria’s English and Japanese voices. Her English localization is provided by Elisabeth Maxwell, perhaps best known for her roles as Persona 5‘s public prosecutor Sae Niijima and Hyrule Warrior‘s Gerudo fighter Urbosa in. For Japanese VA fans, Rosaria is voiced by Ai Kakuma, who also voices Edelgard in Fire Emblem, Yuri Sakazaki in The King of Fighters, and is a mainstay of anime. The fact that Rosaria is not a hammer-wielder, therefore robbing me of a “Sister Sledge” headline, will bother me for the rest of the day.