Meet Sailor Moon and the parents of the world's most murdered ninja


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A couple of week’s ago on Sup Holmes, we welcomed voice actor/director Stephanie Sheh to the program. We talked about how Stephanie’s history of doing “anal timing” on fan-dubbed anime eventually lead her to be a voice actress on shows like Kill La Kill and Sailor Moon, as well as games from the Resident Evil series, Killer is Dead, the recently released Til Morning’s Light, and many more. She was also a motion capture actress on the original Bayonetta and a recent entry in the Battlefield series, and was the co-director for voice over on Resident Evil 5, Her resume would probably run over one hundred pages in length, so you if you ever wanted to know everything about what it’s like to act in games and animation, she’s got you covered.

Even more recently on the show, we welcomed Shawn McGrath, Mare Sheppard, and Raigan Burns from Metanet Software, the developers of N++ (coming soon to PS4 and Steam). We found out a lot of new stuff about the game, which could end up supplying players with hundreds of hours of content. It’s clear that the developers are applying every effort to make the make N++ a game that feels totally luxurious, or as we said in the show, to make it” like a sheet with the highest possible thread count”. We also talked at length about how the originalNhelped lead to the rise of an entire sub-genre of intense obstacle platformers, the pains of working with Atari on the DS port on N+. and how the Xbox 360 and the PS3 might not have enough muscle to run N++. That’s just small look at many of the topics we went over. If you have even a passing interest in the platformer genre, or game development in general, you’d do well to check it out.

Thanks to Stephanie, Raigan, Shawn and Mare for being on the show, and please stop by the stream today at 4PM EST when we welcome Nicholas McDonnell (Screencheat) to the program. You can even wish me a happy pre-Father’s Day if you want. That would be awfully nice.