Meet the characters of Metro Exodus


A gallery of genial greeting

No matter the season, Metro Exodus‘ post-apocalyptic Russia is an oppressive nightmare. Summer might be a tad hotter and winter might necessitate bundling up, but this one-year trans-Siberian trek is harsh by every definition of the word.

That’s why a friendly face is always a welcome sight. Artyom can’t do this on his own, so, fortunately for him, there’s an adept squad willing to lend a helping hand. Some are familiar, like Anna who is Artyom’s wife (and a key character in Metro: Last Light); others are new acquaintances aboard the Aurora, loyal to the cause of getting that train to the far east stretches of Russia.

As a primer for Metro Exodus‘ February 15 launch, we’ve gathered a gallery of key characters and short biographies. Take a good look at the digital dossiers and study up on the gang that has Artyom’s back. We’ll also have galleries on Metro Exodus‘ threats and tools in the coming days. Survival is gonna be tough enough, might as well prep for the journey ahead.