Meet the six new Garden Warfare 2 characters


Three plants, three zombies

A part of me doesn’t want to hear any more about Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 knowing full well that it’s not releasing until spring 2016. I was way into the original. I’ll be way into this.

The cast includes six new classes on top of the returning crew. The fresh faces are: Imp and Z-Mech, Citron, Super Brainz, Rose, Captain Deadbeard, and Kernal Corn.

14 classes. 100+ character variants. I sincerely hope the progression system is more generous.

My favorite of the bunch — and the only class I’ve played as yet — is the Imp (while he’s in his mech, naturally). Some interesting new choices, for sure. I’m hopeful PopCap rebalances the returning characters in a big way so I won’t be tempted to just stick with the Foot Soldier again.