Mega Man Arena promises Super Smash-esque combat


Four players, nine characters

My first real web project (that wasn’t a DBZ fansite I coded with rudimentary HTML) was a Mega Manhub I started with a good friend of mine as kids. I provided most of the content (guides, news) with some coding support and he did the heavy code lifting, and it all went pretty swimmingly until our host decided to go out of business.

All along the way, we kept dreaming up ideas for a Mega Manfighting game that expanded upon the minigame concept in 7, and the end result nearly two decades later looks a little something like Mega Man Arena. Just announced this week, this fan game is centered around four-player competitive play, with nine characters and 20 arenas, with Mega Man 1-2as a base.

Although it’s set to arrive in early 2018 you’ll also be able to see the creators take it for a spin on November 4th for an Extra Life charity event. I love the idea of starting small with a manageable roster, and if they can maintain development they can just tweak or add from there.

Mega Man Arena [Twitter via Rockman Corner]