Mega Man Legacy Collection has tough new challenges


The classic series returns with remixes

Mega Man Legacy Collection bundles the first six Mega Man games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and 3DS. I played a bit at E3. Gut reaction: it’s probably going to be worth the $14.99 asking price.

You might be wondering what’s up with the new Challenge Mode. Among other things, it remixes the games, bridging different sections with portals Mega Man can jump through. Get to the end as fast as possible. I jotted down some of the challenges present at E3 to give you an idea:

  • MM 1-6 Mashup
  • MM 1 Megamix
  • MM 1 Robot Rush
  • Yellow Devil (boss fight)
  • MM 2 Megamix
  • And so on…

Each game has its own database with art, statistics, and descriptions of characters and enemies. I learned that the cyclops robot is named Adhering Suzy, for instance. Notably, you can head straight into battles against the individual Robot Masters right from their database pages, which is perfect for brushing up. There’s also a separate museum full of old artwork, sketches, and sprites.

Button remapping is in as well as options for the screen size (original / wide), border (on / off), and filter (off, TV, monitor). Rounding out the package, there’s a music player, too. All told, not a bad little collection if your old systems are in storage. I’d love a Mega Man X equivalent.