Mega Man to cross over into No Heroes Allowed mobile game


Is there anything Mega Man can’t do in 2018

Mega Man turns 30 this year, and Capcom is bringing him back from the dead to celebrate. They’ve always been good at peddling merchandise and plopping the character into whatever they feel like (you could argue Smash4was the beginning of Mega Man’s comeback), and they’re still doing it.

No Heroes Allowed Dash for mobile devices,which is from the very same No Heroes Allowedseriesthat started off as What Did I Do to Deserve This My Lord in 2007 after a legal conflict with the Batman IP with their original name (it’s a long story), is hosting Mega Man this month. From August 30 to September 13 Mega Man and the evil Robot Masters will guest star in the puzzle game

If you’re into that and can access a Japanese mobile store of some sort you may as well check it out during that timeframe.

Dash [Twitter via Rockman Corner]