Metal Gear Solid V is $40 as Amazon's daily Gold Box deal


On PS4 and Xbox One

It seems like you can’t throw a proverbial rock on the Internet without hitting some games site talking about Mother Bases and D-Walkers and kidnapping via weather balloon. That’s all Metal Gear Solid Vspeak and there’s a lot there to digest. If you’re in the dark maybe Amazon can help shed some light in a cost-effective way.

As part of its Gold Box daily deal promotion, Amazon has Metal Gear Solid Vdiscounted to $40, down from its usual $60. PC doesn’t quite make the cut, as the sale is only for PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Still, that’s a fair little savings on a title that’s sure to be at the center of a lot of Game of the Year conversations.

Metal Gear Solid V[Amazon]