Metal Gear Solid V producer responds to early 'downgrade' complaints


The Phantom Pain

Wow. If my math is right (it always is), we’re 69* days away from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but enterprising gamers are getting a jump on graphics downgrade controversies, sarcastically tweeting at Konami producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, “Nice downgrade…”

Imaizumi’s on point, though, explaining, “If you know game making process. We normally don’t change or downgrade in this phase. Always have to be comes first. We don’t change grade system in last phase, it have to be done long long time ago. Should be just lighting tuning.”

Of course, there are differences between, say, the E3 demo and the alternate E3 demo a few weeks later. “We’ve been always trying to improve until the dead line.”

Still, given that I played the game for two days running on a PlayStation 4 almost two months ago — all the demos have been running on it, too — I hardly expect some huge graphics controversy. Unless there are problems with the PC version specifically. “Our team has limited resource, so we make console then team shift to PC,” he noted. “We are trying our best.”

Also, Imaizumi’s tweets are great.

I guess it’s a part of my job even though Tweet isn’t in my job description. Actually, never get job description lol

— Ken-ichiro Imaizumi (@Ken1555) July 7, 2015


He is a genius creator. I’m just a guy. Glad you like the demo. You can enjoy it for a rest of the year for sure.

— Ken-ichiro Imaizumi (@Ken1555) July 8, 2015

I’m just a guy.” Same.

Hi Lorenzo! Good to hear from you. I just missed my sleep. I was working with US until 2am. Now 5am…

— Ken-ichiro Imaizumi (@Ken1555) July 7, 2015

I hope Konami recognize my tweet work during early in the morning….Na lol

— Ken-ichiro Imaizumi (@Ken1555) July 7, 2015

“I hope Konami recognize my tweet work during early in the morning….Na lol.”

*This is a lie. It’s actually 54 days, but 54 is way less funny. It’s not related to sex at all…except for how many people I’ve done it with! Haha. Just kidding. (I’ve done sex with 69 people, thus I can never do sex again; this is why I began writing about video games).