Metal Gear Survive has a free trial going on now for PlayStation Plus subscribers


You’re pretty… Mediocre?

If you’re like me and reluctant to even give Konami a dime, but you’re still morbidly curious about Metal Gear Survivenow’s your chance! Starting today, Metal Gear Survive is available for PlayStation Plus subscribers for free until June 4 (Monday), ending at 11:00PM PDT (June 5 at 2:00AM EDT).

Survive will also be receiving a discount for those of you might actually enjoy their time surviving — 30% off, to be exact — dropping the price from $39.99 to $27.99. On top of that, a celebratory event is going down for Survive now being 100 days old. From June 1 to June 11, 100 SV coins will be given away every day as a log-in bonus. Bust out the party kazoos!

Will you be checking out Survive? Personally, I wanna at least get far enough in to see some spooky big dudes straight out of The Mist, then maybe take a screenshot and uninstall it. If I do actually find myself enjoying it, though, I’ll see if I can wrap it up before Monday.

METAL GEAR SURVIVE Free Trial Out Now! [Konami]