Metal Gear Survive might be the perfect Xbox Game Pass game


Also: Dead by Daylight, Outer Wilds, Superhot

“You know, I’m marginally interested in this but definitely not willing to directly pay for it. But, I might be willing to invest some time to see if there’s some cool shit that takes me by surprise.” That’s the mindset that a service like Xbox Game Pass thrives on — an indifference to paying lots of money to own games in favor of paying a relatively cheap fee to try lots of games.

One of the best examples in recent memory comes to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow. Konami’s first Metal Geargame sans Hideo Kojima (except for 1990’s Snake’s Revenge), Metal Gear Survive, gets added to the Game Pass offerings on May 23. It’s not very good! It’s tedious, there are too many menus, and a lot of the world is lifeless. But, there’s a giant Lord of Dust monster, and that seems legitimately neat in a good-and-dumb way.

Metal Gear Surviveis far from a perfect game, but it might be the perfect Xbox Game Pass game. Bypass paying for it and spend a little bit of time to see some weird stuff. If that’s not your style, Xbox Game Pass is getting seven other titles over the course of the next few weeks. They are: The Banner Saga(May 23), Void Bastards(May 29), Dead by Daylight(May 30), Outer Wilds(May 30), Full Metal Furies(June 6), The Banner Saga 2(June 6), and Superhot(June 6).

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