Metro Exodus has a dynamic New Game+ mode


6GB Ranger update out now

There’s a comfort to knowing that the end isn’t actually the end. With the just-launched Ranger update for Metro Exodus, it’s now possible to continue in New Game+ mode with your trusted weapons and attachments. In fact, there’s a “suite” of modes and options to play around with on your second outing.

For instance, maybe you want a crossbow sooner than later. In New Game+, you can get one from Yermak in Moscow. Or maybe you want to push yourself further. There are settings for giving human NPCs an extra level of armor and the propensity to use explosives more often. 4A Games has also introduced options for a 24-hour day/night cycle, more radiation zones, and an Iron mode in which the usual save system is disabled so your progress is only made permanent in between levels. Terrifying.

Along with these and other modifications, New Game+ is also a chance for Metro Exodus players to uncover an exclusive new set of collectibles and listen to developer commentary while exploring. You’ll find tape players “throughout the game” containing juicy insights into the production of Exodus.

Metro Exodus‘ New Game+ is extensive, so it’s worth taking the time to see all of the different choices you’ll be able to make. The Ranger update also includes PC and console-specific improvements.

“Our goal has always been to ship the most polished product we can at launch, but we humbly acknowledge that some things can slip through even the most thorough QA. Thank you again for your patience and support.” 4A Games said the development team will “continue to work on future updates and we’ll be able to share our DLC plans for Expansion Pass holders in the near future.”

This is the first major patch for Metro Exodus, and with its arrival, I’m a little more keen to play.